About us

DBGen is a genetic testing company focused on rare inherited visual disorders. Our mission is to make high quality genetic testing available to patients, clinicians and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The company is based on the principles of excellence in service and research, and the highest commitment and responsibility to improve the health status of the patients.

The professional team, led by Prof. R. Gonzàlez-Duarte, has been involved in basic research of human retinal diseases for more than 25 years and has contributed with many publications to the identification of novel disease-causing genes and mutations, and to the construction of DNA-based diagnostic chips. This long experience in the genetics of visual disorders warrants an efficient, productive and satisfactory relationship with patients and clinicians throughout all the diagnostic process.ABOUT ICONOES hortiz_2THE TEAM

The increasing social demand for accurate genetic diagnosis from patients, associations, well-informed ophthalmologists prompted a research group at University of Barcelona to start offering a genetic diagnosis service. This was the original core of the DBGen current team, which includes University professors (G. Marfany, PhD) and senior scientists (M. de Castro-Miró, PhD), plus highly qualified technicians and experts in marketing and communication (M. Vilas). Valuable support for this start-up initiative has been and is still provided by the CNAG (the reference high-throughput platform for massive sequencing in southern Europe) and at the legal and administrative level, by the managerial institution FBG.

Partners and collaborators: Retina Asturias, Visión España, APNES, ASANOL, Feder, Instituto Oftalmológico Barraquer, Instituto Oftalmológico QuirónSalud Barcelona, CNAG, FBG, Universitat de Barcelona.

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